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At Cal Tech Mortgage we are committed to helping you with all your mortgage needs. To find out more about the different loan options we offer, please use the dropdown menu above, or click here. We are a full service mortgage brokerage that has access to almost every kind of mortgage loan available. At Cal Tech Mortgage our principle broker has been in the mortgage industry for 25 years, something that is hard to find these days in the mortgage industry. We have locations in Irvine and Roseville but we serve all surrounding communities in Orange and Placer counties as well as throughout the entire state of California.

You can get a home loan anywhere, but with us you will not only get our over two decades of lending expertise, but the best costumer service experience. In those years we have established relationships with the best lending sources to insure you get some of the lowest rates and the best terms available. We offer many home loan programs beyond just great rate conventional loans. We also have excellent rates on government backed FHA and VA loans. If you are looking to purchase a higher priced home then you need check out our Jumbo loan rates. If you would like one of our experts to help you see which home loan option is the best for you, you can use our Purchase Assistant for a free analysis to see how much you qualify for.

We can also help you with all your refinance needs and questions if you already own a home. Our refinance rates are very competitive and we could potentially save you thousands of dollars a year on your mortgage payments. We also specialize in cash out refinance if you are in the need of extra cash. If you’ve built up equity in your home it’s an easy way to get cash if you need it. Even if you’re wondering if a refinance is the right choice for you, we can run the numbers so you can clearly see what a refinance could do for you. If you are interested to see what a refinance could do for you then just use our Refinance Advisor for a free rate quote.

We also specialize in reverse mortgages. They can help fund your retirement with guaranteed monthly payments, if you are over 62 years old and a home owner. We can walk you through the process and show you exactly how they work and how much you could get with a reverse mortgage.

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Whatever your mortgage needs call for our goal is to create lasting relationship with you, we’ve been doing it for 25 years and want to help you today.

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